Vedic Maths – How Relevant it is in this Digital Age

Vedic Maths – How Relevant it is in this Digital Age

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In recent days, there seems to be hype in the education industry over Speed Maths techniques such as Vedic Mathematics, Abacus Maths, Aloha etc.

The success of the movie ‘Shakuntala Devi’ – a biopic of the ‘Human-computer and Maths wizard’, may have played a part in this newfound interest among students. And the coaching institutes are bombarding us with their Ads about courses on these so-called Magical Maths tricks.

Whether you are yourself a student preparing for competitive exams; or you are a parent whose kid is still in school;  We all have seen these Ads promising magical maths powers, on our Facebook wall; or in our Gmail; or while surfing the internet, or watching YouTube videos. Sure enough, on seeing such Ads, a question might have popped up in your head,

 “ Is Vedic Maths really beneficial in today’s technology-savvy world, when we have calculators, android phones and the latest generation laptops that can give us the answers to some of the most complex and time-consuming calculations in a jiffy?!

Let’s explore this question in this blog.